Welcome to the home of the Hardwire range of products.

For a long time, PDM’s (Power Distribution Modules) have been the ideal way to control power through a vehicle, but cost and complication has put them outside of the reach of a large group of customers. Hardwire electronics has worked hard to change that with their range of PDM’s, keypads and switch panels.

Now anyone has the ability to add a PDM or other accessories to their vehicle to be able to take control and add features to their vehicle that can’t be achieved any other way using traditional wiring techniques.

PDM’s can be used in a hybrid configuration in conjunction with your existing fuse/relay wiring or can completely replace all of your existing fuses and relays.

Please browse our complete range of products above and contact us to discuss your project and we can advise which PDM suits your needs the best.

We also offer a remote setup service to help you get things working.